Best Sony A7C Battery and Charger Guide in 2023


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The Sony A7C can accommodate the Sony NP-FZ100 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery with a relatively compact design (2280mAh). This is the same battery that can be found inside Sony’s bigger full-frame Alpha cameras, such as their flagship model, the Sony A1.

In this battery and charger tutorial, I’ll discuss the many alternatives available for the Sony a7C mirrorless camera, including those offered by Sony and those provided by third-party manufacturers.

Best Sony A7C Battery and Charger

Sony NPFZ100
Z-series Rechargeable Battery Pack for sony a7c Digital Cameras black
Watson NP-FZ100
V2 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack (7.2V, 2000mAh, 16.4Wh)
Sony BC-QZ1
Battery Charger for NP-FZ100 - Black
Multi Battery Adaptor Kit,black
Watson Mini
Duo Charger for Nikon EN-EL3E Batteries


The Sony NP-FZ100 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery is the only battery officially certified compatible with the Sony a7C. (2280mAh). If your camera is brand new, you should already have at least one of these batteries. Sony ships the a7C with one of these batteries installed within the packaging.

Even while other companies manufacture batteries on the market, which I will discuss briefly, it is highly recommended that you stick with the original Sony batteries.

When used in the Sony a7C, the vast majority of third-party batteries will generate a warning and will also fail to display the percentage of battery life that is remaining. Batteries that do not now display this warning may do so if Sony changes the software for the Sony a7C camera.

I will discuss a few possibilities for batteries manufactured by third parties, but I will not advise you to purchase any of them.

Sony NP-FZ100

Sony NPFZ100
Z-series Rechargeable Battery Pack for sony a7c Digital Cameras black

The high-capacity Z-series power source, the Sony NP FZ100 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery from Sony, is designed to work with specific digital cameras. In addition, this battery supports the InfoLITHIUM standard, which allows the battery’s remaining charge to be shown on the camera’s LCD screen.

The Sony NP-FZ100 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery is designed to work specifically with the Sony a7C. (2280mAh).

RAVPower NP-FZ100

RAVPower is the one-stop shop that millions of customers worldwide turn to for all their power charging needs. Our comprehensive selection of portable chargers and charging accessories provides a dependable method to stay charged wherever and whenever needed. In addition, our ground-breaking HyperAir technology makes us the industry leader in rapid wireless charging.

The RAVPower NP-FZ100 is arguably one of the best third-party solutions, as it comes with a dual charger and is one of the more affordable choices. Unfortunately, I cannot confirm whether or not they would cause a warning message to be displayed; nevertheless, as I indicated previously, I would recommend sticking with the certified Sony batteries because a software upgrade might soon change how things work.

NP-FZ100 from Watson

Watson NP-FZ100
V2 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack (7.2V, 2000mAh, 16.4Wh)

Another battery choice for the Sony a7C is the Watson NP-FZ100; however, if you want the best performance out of your camera, I recommend going with an original Sony battery.

In addition to being compatible with cameras from previous generations, the Watson NP-FZ100 V2 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack is also compatible with the same camera models as the Sony NP-FZ100 battery.

This spare battery pack has a 2000 milliampere-hours (mAh) capacity, 7.2 volts (V) of output power, and 16.4 watt-hours. Lithium-ion batteries may be charged or drained at any point during their load cycle without acquiring a memory effect. These batteries are also tiny and lightweight.

Chargers for the Batteries

There are a few alternatives available to choose from when it comes to charging the batteries for the Sony a7C.

The Sony BC-QZ1

Sony BC-QZ1
Battery Charger for NP-FZ100 - Black

The official battery charger manufactured by Sony for the NP-FZ100 battery is the Sony BC-QZ1. This is a mains charger, and it will take around 2 hours to charge a single NP-FZ100 battery fully.

Utilize the BC-QZ1 Battery Charger from Sony to keep your NP-FZ100 batteries ready to go. This charger can fully charge a battery in one hour and fifty minutes and is compatible with power outlets ranging from 100 to 240 volts of alternating current (VAC). In addition, it has a sleek design with an AC cord that can be removed on its own and an LED indicator that can be used to verify the current charge state.


Multi Battery Adaptor Kit,black

It takes the Sony NPA-MQZ1K multi-battery kit roughly 480 minutes to charge four NP-FZ100 batteries, which are included in the package. You can simultaneously power two USB devices and the Sony a7C camera. This is because the NPA-MQZ1K has two NP-FZ100 batteries already installed.

Using the Sony NPA-MQZ1K Multi Battery Adapter Kit, you can ensure that you will have enough power for your shoot. This adapter is compatible with cameras that use batteries from the NP-FZ100 series or the NP-FW50 series. In addition, it can deliver power from as many as four NP-FZ100 series battery packs simultaneously, significantly extending the shooting time.

In addition, it can function as a quick charger, with a charging time of 480 minutes for a complete set of batteries. Furthermore, users can transform the converter into a two-battery adapter that is more compact, making the package more suitable for traveling.

Watson Mini Duo

Watson Mini
Duo Charger for Nikon EN-EL3E Batteries

It takes around five hours to fully charge two NP-FZ100 batteries using the Watson tiny duo dual USB charger. Therefore, even though it does not charge as quickly as the Sony BC-QZ1, if you are not in a rush, it is a perfectly excellent charger with built-in protections against power surges, overcharging, and short-circuiting. In addition, you will get a micro-USB cable and a USB power converter in the package.

Grips for Batteries

Neither Sony nor any third-party manufacturer currently offers a battery grip compatible with the Sony a7C. I don’t anticipate Sony releasing a battery grip for the a7C, despite the possibility that a third-party manufacturer will do so at some time in the future. This is because the a7C was intended to be a tiny and compact camera, which would no longer be the case if a battery grip were added. Additionally, Sony has not produced a battery grip for any more compact APS-C cameras, such as the Sony a6400.

Charging through USB

You may also power the Sony a7C using a power bank that is Power Delivery (PD) certified, in addition to the a7C’s ability to be charged using its built-in USB Type C Port. However, it is necessary to keep the battery inside the camera at all times, and the device will not charge the battery if it is switched on when the battery is inside.

ANKER 10,000mAh PowerCore Slim PD


Various power bank alternatives are compatible with the Sony a7C; one of those possibilities is the Anker PowerCore Slim PD.

Understanding the Sony A7C

Unveiling the A7C’s Compact Beauty

The Sony A7C is a masterpiece of engineering, known for its compact and lightweight design. This mirrorless camera brings portability to a whole new level while maintaining the exceptional image quality that Sony is known for.

The Heart of the Beast: A7C’s Battery

Let’s dive right into the core of our discussion – the Sony A7C’s battery. A powerful camera demands an equally potent energy source. The A7C boasts a high-capacity NP-FZ100 battery, which promises extended shooting sessions without interruptions.

Battery Life

Uninterrupted Shooting: A7C’s Battery Life

Sony A7C’s battery life is a standout feature, making it an excellent choice for photographers who don’t want to worry about frequent recharges. With a single charge, you can capture up to 740 shots, ensuring that you won’t miss a moment, whether you’re photographing a breathtaking landscape or a fast-paced event.

The Stamina Mode

Sony understands that some photography sessions require even more power. That’s where the Stamina mode comes in. By enabling this mode, you can extend the battery life even further, making the A7C a true workhorse for long shoots.


Lightning-Fast Focus

A camera is only as good as its performance, and the A7C doesn’t disappoint. It features Sony’s renowned Fast Hybrid AF system, which combines phase-detection and contrast-detection autofocus for lightning-fast focusing. This means you can capture sharp and precise shots even in challenging conditions.

Low-Light Excellence

Photography doesn’t always happen under perfect lighting conditions. The A7C’s impressive ISO range ensures that you can capture stunning images in low light. Whether you’re shooting the starry night sky or a dimly lit room, this camera excels in delivering exceptional results.

4K Video Capability

The A7C is not just for photography enthusiasts; it’s also a fantastic tool for videographers. It supports 4K video recording with full pixel readout and no pixel binning, ensuring your videos are rich in detail and color.

Tips for Extending Battery Life

In photography, every shot counts. To make the most out of your Sony A7C battery during a shoot, here are some handy tips:

Lower the Screen Brightness

Reducing the screen brightness can significantly extend your battery life, especially when shooting outdoors in bright conditions. Dimming the display conserves power without compromising your ability to compose shots.

Use the Viewfinder

The Sony A7C features an electronic viewfinder (EVF) that consumes less power than the LCD screen. Switching to the EVF when framing your shots can help you get more clicks from a single charge.

Monitor the Battery Indicator

Keep an eye on the battery indicator on your camera’s screen. When it starts getting low, consider switching off non-essential functions to prolong your shooting session.

Carry a Power Bank

For longer photography excursions, having a portable power bank can be a lifesaver. It allows you to recharge your Sony A7C battery on the go, ensuring you never run out of power.


In conclusion, the Sony A7C is a photography powerhouse with a battery that keeps up with your creative vision. Its compact design, exceptional battery life, and top-notch performance make it a valuable addition to any photographer’s arsenal. Whether you’re a professional or an amateur, the A7C empowers you to capture stunning moments effortlessly.


  1. How long does it take to fully charge the Sony A7C’s battery?
    • The Sony A7C’s battery can be fully charged in approximately 150 minutes.
  2. Can I use third-party batteries with the A7C?
    • It’s recommended to use genuine Sony NP-FZ100 batteries for optimal performance and safety.
  3. Does the A7C support external battery packs for extended shooting sessions?
    • Yes, the A7C is compatible with external battery packs, allowing you to shoot for extended periods.
  4. What is the weight of the Sony A7C with the battery included?
    • The Sony A7C, including the battery, weighs approximately 1.1 pounds (503 grams).
  5. Is the A7C suitable for travel photography?
    • Absolutely! The A7C’s compact size and impressive battery life make it an excellent choice for travel photographers seeking portability and performance.

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