Best Sony a7c Accessories


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Whether you own a Sony a7C or are considering adding one to your collection, this accessories guide will assist you in finding the finest attachments available for this incredibly tiny full-frame mirrorless.

The Sony a7C is compatible with various accessories, including the Sony a7III, which means you won’t have to buy anything new if you already have a Sony Alpha camera. In addition, many accessories, including batteries, memory cards, and Bluetooth remote, are compatible with the a7C. However, due to the more petite body, there are some new attachments that you may want to look at.

Best Sony a7c Accessories

No matter if you’ve just purchased it or are an experienced user, you might want to consider purchasing additional extras. If you spend a decent amount of money, you may significantly improve its capabilities and your entire experience.

Expanding your equipment and protecting it from frequent threats can assist you in street photography, videography, or working in the studio or the woods.

We’ve compiled a list of the ten most excellent accessories that any Sony A7C owner should consider purchasing, including everything from batteries to tripods and many other basics!

1. Extra battery

Regardless matter how many shots may be taken per charge, the battery life of any camera is rarely sufficient. In addition to taking a long time to charge, batteries running out during a shoot may be a significant source of frustration.

Investing in a second battery will save you time and hassle. If you have even a single backup battery, it will be sufficient for you to utilize them rotationally. Have the third one on hand if you travel frequently or intend to spend a lengthy period outside with no place to recharge your batteries. It could just change your life.

To ensure optimum performance and compatibility, we recommend using original Sony batteries.

2. Screen Protector

Screen protectors are a simple but highly effective method of preventing damage to your computer’s display. These kinds of safeguards are becoming increasingly familiar with cell phones.

Because they are made of tempered glass, they will prevent scratches and provide shock protection. They also assist with the formation of dust and the cleanup of spills. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, you may quickly and easily install the screen protectors on your computer.

This item, available for a meager price, is a no-brainer and an absolute must-have if you want to increase the longevity of your Sony A7C quickly.

3. Memory Card

Memory cards are not a piece of equipment to be overlooked. Their capacities and speeds can make a difference in whether you can use the full potential of your Sony A7C camera. An inadequately fast card will prevent you from recording in the most excellent possible quality and may even reduce the burst rate.

On the other hand, avoid purchasing a memory card that is too powerful for your camera. At best, the writing speed will be restricted to the maximum allowed by your equipment, and at worst, it may not be recognized as genuine due to the limitations.

If you are unsure which memory card to purchase, Sony has a list of all compatible cards in the user manual and on their website, which you may consult.

4. Memory card reader

A memory card reader is an accessory that should always be carried with you. Unfortunately, not all computers are equipped with a suitable one, which usually occurs when you most need it.

You may need to email the files from a photography session to a client or a friend, so ensuring you have all the necessary equipment is critical. Using memory card readers, you may simultaneously transfer data from one or more cards to your computer or a Mac computer.

We recommend that you look for a card reader that is USB-C compliant since it will operate faster. Also, a multi-format card reader is a wise purchase if you deal with various cameras, but they are a little slower than standard card readers.

5. Neck and Wrist Straps

Make sure you have a good strap! The Sony A7C, like the majority of cameras, comes with a standard camera strap that will suffice for a reasonable amount of time. However, it is not the most comfortable piece of equipment and may grow tiresome.

If you want to shoot for an extended period, a broad, cushioned shoulder strap will relax your neck and back during the day’s activities. On the other hand, if you are more interested in action or street photography, a wrist strap may be worth investing in.

These attachments are incredibly lightweight and portable, and they will keep your camera securely in place so that it is always ready to shoot.

6. Tripod

Are you getting bored of having to handle your camera all day? Or perhaps you’ve attempted to get the perfect night image, but the results have always been a little blurry? Then, it’s past time for you to invest in a tripod.

Tripods don’t have to be heavy to be effective. The Sony A7C is small and lightweight, allowing it to be mounted on a portable tripod that is both lightweight and portable. Make sure to choose a model with adequate height to meet your requirements and a broad base for added stability and support.

Consider purchasing a monopod if you want a small item for your trips or want something to carry in your luggage all the time. Even though they are less well-known, they are helpful and may be carried in any bag.

7. Microphone

Rode VideoMic NTG

For podcasts, music videos, and even short films, more and more filmmakers are turning to cameras such as the Sony A7C. The use of an excellent recording microphone is critical for producing high-quality recordings. Various solutions are available, ranging from horseshoe mount microphones to wireless lapel microphones and everything in between.

External recorders are an option; however, they need more post-production work to ensure the audio and video are correctly synced. However, cardioid capsules are the most frequent and flexible microphone capsules available, and they may be used in various applications. Be careful to choose a product that is appropriate for your needs before you commit any money.

8. A bag or carrying case

You may not need a bag or a carrying case, but it will become necessary sooner or later. This is especially true if you travel a lot or work outside the elements.

Although the Sony A7C is a well-built camera, you must be cautious about taking every precaution to ensure that it maintains its structural integrity over time. For example, camera bags are specifically intended to be waterproof and cushioned, allowing you to move all your equipment without fear of damage.

In addition, carrying bags are ideal for photographers who use a variety of lenses and need to transport additional batteries, memory cards, and other supplies.

9. UV protection filters

The sun and stage lights adversely affect your optics and even your sensor. UV protection filters are a highly cost-effective approach to avoid any problems in the future. They also offer the advantage of providing an extra layer of protection for your lens against dust, scratches, fingerprints, and moisture.

They are simple to clean and durable enough to last an extended period. The diameter of the lens or the individual lens you are using must be considered when selecting a lens. You should equip all your lenses with UV filters and keep them on at all times to ensure that you are always ready to photograph when an opportunity presents itself.

10. Polarizing filters

Even though polarizing filters are valuable, many photographers and videographers do not employ them. Instead, they function the same way as sunglasses, preventing direct sunlight from entering.

They may be set up in any orientation to suit your shooting needs. Polarizing filters should minimize glares and severe overexposure to reflective objects. As a result, the sky might sometimes appear to be a darker shade of blue. The filters are reasonably priced and will be an excellent fit for all your lenses when used with a UV filter to provide additional protection.

11. Flash Light


A flash may be the most effective alternative when shooting in low light or shadows. Ensure the moment you purchase is compatible with your specific Sony camera model. This flash is consistent with the Sony ADI / P-TTL’s tiny size and extensive feature set. This compact camera has a zoom range of 24-105mm (15mm with the panel), a guide number of 105′ at ISO 100 and 105mm, and a tilt range of -8 to 90 degrees.

12. Wireless Bluetooth Grip

The Sony GP-VPT2BT Bluetooth grip, which controls recording and zoom functions and serves as a tripod for hands-free shooting, is available in black or white. This selfie stick, with its programmable button and simple camera angle adjustment, is ideal for use as a selfie stick. Still, it can also be used as a compact tripod, provided the lens you are using is not too heavy.

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