Does Sony A7c shoot raw?


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Yes, the Sony A7C camera is capable of shooting in RAW format. RAW is a file format that captures all the data captured by the camera’s sensor without any in-camera processing. This allows for greater creative control in post-processing, as the photographer can adjust various settings such as exposure, white balance, and color temperature without losing image quality.

When shooting in RAW, the camera saves all the image data as it was captured, including the light and color information for each pixel. This allows for greater flexibility in editing, as the image can be adjusted even after the shot has been taken. This contrasts with JPEG, a compressed file format that applies in-camera processing to the image data, resulting in a smaller file size and less editing flexibility.

To shoot in RAW on the Sony A7C, you must change the camera’s settings to record in RAW format. This can be done through the camera’s menu or a button on the camera’s body. Once you’ve set the camera to record in RAW, each image captured will be saved as a RAW file, which can then be opened and edited in a photo editing software such as Adobe Lightroom or Capture One.

It’s worth noting that shooting in RAW requires a larger memory card and longer post-processing time, as the RAW files are more extensive and require more processing power to edit. However, for many photographers, the benefits of RAW far outweigh the extra time and storage requirements.

In conclusion, the Sony A7C camera can shoot in RAW format. RAW allows for greater creative control in post-processing and more flexibility in editing but requires a larger memory card and longer post-processing time compared to shooting in JPEG.

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