Does Sony A7c Have Flash?


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While some photographers prefer the convenience of a built-in flash, the lack of a moment on the Sony A7c provides several benefits. For one, it allows the camera to maintain its compact and lightweight form factor. This makes it easier to carry and handle, especially when traveling or working in tight spaces.

Another benefit of the Sony A7c’s lack of a built-in flash is that it provides more creative control over lighting. With an external flash unit, you can add light to your images as needed and control the lighting in your photos impossibly with a built-in flash. This allows you to create the exact look and mood you’re after and achieve professional-quality results.

The Sony A7c is equipped with a hot shoe on the top plate, which allows you to attach an external flash unit as needed. In addition, their range of flash units is available that is compatible with the Sony A7c, including Sony’s line of external flash units and teams from other manufacturers. This provides photographers and videographers various options depending on their needs and preferences.

For example, Sony’s HVL-F45RM external flash unit is a high-performance flash compatible with the Sony A7c. It provides powerful and consistent lighting, with a guide number of 45 meters (147 feet). It also has advanced features, including wireless flash control, high-speed sync, and a tiltable flash head.

In conclusion, while the Sony A7c has no built-in flash, this lack of a second provides several benefits. First, it allows the camera to maintain its compact form and offers more creative control over lighting. In addition, with the ability to attach an external flash unit, photographers and videographers can add light to their images as needed and achieve the exact look and mood they’re after.

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