How to Perfectly Capture Dramatic Light in Forests With Sony a7c


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This will benefit you if you want to know how to add real drama to your photographs in woods, such as magnificent rays of light and stunning sunbeams. Suppose you want to know how to add genuine drama to your image.

There is an “ideal setting” for every sub-category of photography and even for more specialized sub-categories within specific categories, and photography enthusiasts are continually on the lookout for it.

When an unbroken wave reaches a shallow area of the beach or reef and rises in a perfectly symmetrical triangle peak, it offers surfers and onlookers choices in how to ride the wave. One example of this can be seen in surf photography.

It is much better if there is some intriguing background, like a mountain. In surfing terminology, they are referred to as A-Frames. The rationale for this is self-explanatory; nonetheless, these are the golden tickets surf photographers often aim for when they shoot from land.

In forest photography, many people’s goals include creating drama and ambiance using trees and light. How do you develop anything so dramatic when you shoot a scene in the woods? This brings us to a fantastic film that Adam Gibbs created. In it, he takes you deep within a forest and demonstrates his methods for photographing beams of light penetrating canopies and tall, magnificent trees.

I thought it was highly excellent how he came up close to his subjects to cut down on the amount of light that was let into the frame. Check out the video for a lot more helpful information, and then get back to me with your feedback on your thoughts. How can you make the most of your time spent in the woods?

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