How To Connect Sony A7c To iPhone?


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Taking pictures and movies with your Sony A7C camera and transferring them to your iPhone is a fantastic way to show your work to your loved ones. In addition, it helps edit and produce material while you are on the move. This manual will provide an in-depth, step-by-step explanation of the procedure.


Before you get started, check that you have the following things available to you:

  • Camera model Sony A7C
  • An iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)
  • the cable that connects USB-C to Lightning
  • The most recent update to Sony’s Imaging Edge Mobile application

Ensure that the Camera is correctly connected to the device.

When you have all the necessary components, you can use the USB-C to Lightning connector to connect the Sony A7C camera to your iOS smartphone. The camera is expected to switch on by itself and start charging immediately. If the camera does not turn on automatically, you may need to manually switch it on by pressing the “power.”

Install the Sony Imaging Edge Mobile App

Install the Sony Imaging Edge Mobile app on your iOS device by going to the Apple App Store and following the on-screen instructions. Using this application, you can copy photographs and movies taken with the A7C camera onto your smartphone, where you may then view them.

Establish a connection between the App and the Camera

After the application has been installed, launch it and pick the “Connect to Camera” option from the menu that appears. Choose your Sony A7C camera from the list of available devices, and then input the password when required.

Transfer the pictures and videos.

Once the camera has been successfully linked to the application, you can choose the still images and movies you wish to send. To begin the procedure, select the “Transfer” option and wait for the transfer to finish before proceeding. The photographs and videos will be accessible in the Photos app on your iOS device after completing the transfer.

Disconnect the Camera

After downloading the photographs and movies, you can detach the A7C camera from your iOS smartphone and continue using the camera independently. To accomplish this, open the Sony Imaging Edge Mobile app on your mobile device and tap the “Disconnect” button. Because of this, you can detach the camera from your smartphone securely.

Because you know how to link a Sony A7C camera to an iPhone, sending your pictures and movies to your loved ones and close friends will be much simpler. In addition to that, you may utilize the Sony Imaging Edge Mobile.

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