How To Update Sony A7c Firmware?


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The firmware of your Sony A7C camera has to be kept up to date at all times if you want to ensure that the device continues to function normally and effectively. You install the most recent updates regularly, guaranteeing that your Sony A7C has the most recent features and fixes that may be available, enhancing its overall performance and dependability.

The firmware on your Sony A7C camera may be updated by following the directions in this article, which will be broken down into individual steps.

Verify That You’re Using the Latest Version

You must check the version of firmware presently installed on your camera before you begin updating the firmware. This will provide you with an indication of the type of update you require and the most recent time it was deployed. To determine the current version installed on your Sony A7C camera, switch it on and then hit the ‘Menu’ button. After that, choose the ‘Settings’ option, and after that, choose the ‘Firmware version’ option. This is where the version number of your software will be displayed. Additionally, it is possible to check for firmware upgrades using Sony’s website.

Prepare for the Update as the Second Step

When you are ready to start the process of updating, there are a few things you need to accomplish before you can get started. First, check to see that your gadget has a full charge and enough free space on the memory card to save the revised file. Then, after you have checked that all of these prerequisites are satisfied, use a USB cord to link your camera to your computer.

Get the update by downloading and installing it.

Visit the Sony website and look for your device’s latest firmware update. After downloading the file to your computer, you should store it in a readily retrievable area. After downloading the file, you will need to unzip it before opening the folder. After that, start updating by launching the file that ends in “.exe.” After the update has been successfully installed, your camera will automatically restart, displaying the updated version number.

How To Update Sony A7c Firmware? [Full Video]

Complete the New Version

Once the process of updating has been completed, you should double-check to ensure that all of the features you anticipated receiving an update for have been updated appropriately. To accomplish this, go to the ‘Settings’ menu and then choose the ‘Firmware version’ option from the drop-down menu that appears. The new version number should be presented in this location for your perusal. You have successfully updated the firmware on your Sony A7C camera if the version number displays as expected after the upgrade.

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